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Craig Graham

"Head Coach/Founder"

Founder and creator of Alt Movement, Craig found his passion for working with individuals with disabilities when he came across a hidden problem. And this problem was the lack of inclusivity within gyms and the knowledge other trainers had around working with those with impairments. 

Ian Yeates

"Adaptive Coach"

A fully qualified Personal Trainer and a Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Ian has a selfless attitude and desire to help anyone who needs it. 

Alice Brackley

"Adaptive Coach"

A Level 3 Personal Trainer and a qualified Primary School Teacher, Alice spent her time in the US working in summer camps for individuals with learning difficulties and complex needs. 

Driven to help others succeed and develop, Alice is a highly valued member of the team. 

Matthew Southern

"Adaptive Coach"

Matt has a huge passion for helping others achieve their training goals. Growing up with a twin brother who has Cerebral Palsy has given

Matt first hand experience in working with impairments from a young age.


Being fluent in BSL (British Sign Language) has allowed him to expand his reach and work with those who also have a hearing impairment. 


Jason Southern

"Assistant Adaptive Coach"

Jason is our very first Adaptive Athlete at Alt Movement and has now become our very first adaptive coach with a disability. 

Jason's passion and drive to help others feel accepted and welcomed in our sessions is what our ethos is all about. 

Noel Patrick

"Adaptive Coach"

Noel is a Level 3 Personal Trainer and an ex army vet that has dedicated himself to helping others. 

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